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Thornton, CO


Being a Southern girl from East Tennessee (USA), I quickly gained an appreciation for nature and my surroundings at a very early age. I used to be sent outside with nothing but a sketch pad and colored pencils to draw wildflowers, birds, scenery, etc... With miles and miles at my disposal, it was the perfect subject for my canvas! The artistic and creative side really grew through the years, especially by the time I graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University in 1989.

Photography especially became a part of my life when I moved to Colorado in 2000. What an amazing environment to capture…and I have barely touched the surface 10+ years later! I have somewhat of an eclectic shooting style, photographing everything from nature, landscapes, and animals to everyday subjects which I find interesting at a specific moment in time. Every photograph promotes a memorable day, time, or place in my life which brings me happiness. I find peace behind the camera and truly hope that you find my work touching a piece of your soul as it has mine. Enjoy!

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